Easy to use Berthing & Mooring Aids for Power and Sail Boats

Introducing the MULTI CAPTOR KIT


The Multi Captor Kit enables users to have the functionality of a Cleat Captor, a Mooring Captor and Boat Hook in one compact package with a  price saving compared to purchasing the individual units.

The Multi Captor Kit will allow you to solve just about all your docking and mooring difficulties. Cruising sailors visiting a variety of docking and mooring arrangements will find the Multi Captor Kit particularly useful.

The Multi Captor Kit comes complete and ready to use.


The Kit contains:

  • a heavy duty telescopic handle
  • a Mooring Captor Head with a shackled on 10 M x 16 mm mooring line
  • a modified Cleat Captor Head with a 10 M x 12 mm mooring line with spliced on stainless thimble
  • a Boat Hook Head
  • a Large Cleat modification kit
  • all relevant documentation

An optional 2 compartment STOWAWAY BAG is also available to keep all your Multi Captor components in one place and ready for use.