Easy to use Berthing & Mooring Aids for Power and Sail Boats


We were anchored in a mangrove creek north of the Narrows at Curtis Island near Gladstone and had fitted the boat with midgee mesh screens. We thought that this would protect us from the ravages of insects. WRONG! Misery followed despite liberal application of repellent and burning mosquito coils. The sand flies up there are the industrial variety. 

On a later occasion we were dancing about trying to relieve the sand fly bite itches when a wonderful woman arrived on the scene and shared her miraculous cure with us.  It relieved the itching within minutes and by next day the bite marks were barely visible. It is cheap and easy to make but really works where commercial repellents and remedies fail. The sand flies and mossies will leave you alone and take off to torment some other poor soul.


Wash the affected area with fresh water and dry (very important) then apply the special repellent/remedy after shaking thoroughly. 

Repellent and Remedy Recipe 

Aeroguard Tropical Strength liquid – 125ml

Dettol – 1 tablespoon

Tea Tree oil – 50 ml

Sorbelene Cream – 500ml

Mix all together and shake well before each application.

Makes approximately 700 ml